Affiliate Value Statement

The following value statements are the ethical principles under which the family of CP of NYS operates. We will consistently strive to maintain them, while recognizing that these statements are the basis for how our Affiliate members conduct their organizations.

Dignity and Self-Worth of Each Person

Principle : CP of NYS and its Affiliates respect the inherent value and individuality of each person we serve.

CP of NYS shows respect and care toward every person we encounter, believing that each interaction holds an opportunity to affirm self-worth and strengthen character. Services are tailored to the distinct needs and desires of each individual, allowing for individual choice and participation, while affirming the uniqueness of every life.

Community Inclusion

Principle : CP of NYS and its Affiliates foster independence and community participation among individuals we serve, enhancing their quality of life.

CP of NYS empowers individuals through equipping them with the tools, resources and support they need for increased independence and interdependence with the community.

Importance of the Family

Principle : CP of NYS and its Affiliates recognize the invaluable support provided by a family and as such work collaboratively and in partnership with families.

CP of NYS collaborates with the families and support networks of each person we serve to strengthen the family structure and create an environment conducive to open communication, advocacy and working as care-giving partners.

Advocacy and Outreach

Principle : CP of NYS and its Affiliates serve as community and governmental ambassadors for individuals with developmental disabilities.

On local, state and national levels, CP of NYS proactively engages the general public and governmental agencies to advocate for the persons we serve, our industry and key components, such as access and inclusion.


Principle : CP of NYS and its Affiliates continuously improve the effectiveness of their services, programming and organizational structure.

CP of NYS Affiliates meet regularly to discuss critical issues, share best practices and provide input for public policy priorities.

Stewardship and Accountability

Principle : CP of NYS and its Affiliates operate with responsibility and integrity.

CP of NYS is accountable and law-abiding, avoiding conflicts of interest and being a good steward of all resources entrusted to it.

Corporate Citizenship

Principle : CP of NYS and its Affiliates will be good corporate citizens.

CP of NYS promotes openness and collaboration with the public. The volunteering of resources and time demonstrate our commitment to the larger community.