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 Centers of Excellence in the Care and Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Complex Disabilities Project

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View our introductory video HERE Learn about this exciting collaborative effort to identify best practices for intervention, conducting research, and developing new treatments and strategies to support children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders in the most integrated setting.


The short video below offers insight into the complexity of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.





Our Library of Training and Research Videos

Assessment & Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Family Partnerships

General Wellness In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Medical Issues in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Challenging Behaviors presented by Dr. Matthew Siegel

Epidemiology of Psychiatric Comorbidity in ASD presented by Dr. Matthew Lerner

Autism and Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorders


Additional Resources

A Resource Guide for Best Practices in Assessment and Intervention


Key Grant Objectives

  1. Centralized Data Repository – The COE and State Agencies will work to form a database that will support data sharing and assist in the identification and analysis of historic and present data for the purpose of creating models, reports, and metrics needed throughout the course of the grant.
  2. Identify Best Practices & Quality Care Models – With use of existing data as well as new data collected, benchmarks and core standards will be combined to create best practice models regarding both quality of care and discharge/aging out planning.
  3. Conduct Applied Research – At least 2 research projects will be identified for expansion throughout the course of the grant. Findings and research will be reported through educational seminars and conferences as work progresses within each research project.
  4. Propose Value Based Payment Methodology – Data will be researched and collected regarding the expenses from Medicare and Medicaid related to children in the CRP programs. Working with OPWDD and the DOH, a Value Based Payment Methodology will be developed.
  5. Continuum of Care & Service Provider Capacity Building – The continuum of care will be assessed, and housing options as well as discharge planning information will be collected for in-state and out-of-state CRPs. We will develop and test a model that will help the CRPs discharge planning process to ensure smooth transitions to community living/adult supports.
  6. Initiate an Education & Training Program – Development of an education and training program for parents, families, and professionals will be initiated as deliverable of this grant.

New York State CRP Involvement

  1. Best Practices & Quality Care Models – With the development of core standards and measures, CRPs in NYS will be asked to view the models and work with the COEs in testing and identifying key areas that may become problematic within some facilities such as resources or geographical location.
  2. Conduct Applied Research – For some research projects, the CRPs in NYS will be able to participate in studies of interest to them as the COEs look to expand their research.
  3. Education & Training – CRPs will be continually invited to partake in training programs and educational seminars that will be developed throughout the course of the grant.


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